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Troubleshooting LYF Applications

This page is applicable to NetConnect X 1.5 and above

When launching a LYF application, users receive a ‘Connection Error!’ notification.

There are several scenarios which could result in failure to launch a LYF application. Following the below tests will help to isolate the cause.

Ensure the Application configuration is correct

Confirm the IP address is correct, and the share path matches the share you are publishing exactly; note this is case-sensitive.

Ensure user permissions are correct

Confirm the permission settings on the specific share to confirm the affected user(s) have the appropriate permissions to read the share.

Check SMB configuration.

SMB traffic must be enabled between the NetConnect server and the destination endpoint. Additionally, either SMB v1 or SMB v2 must be enabled on the destination server.

Updated on July 17, 2019

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